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ClitoShare & RealShare: an extension of oneself

The answer for anyone who wants to actively ignite their sexuality with their partner!

Embedded sensors harmonize the stimulator according to the partners' movements, allowing for:

  • an authentic connection with your partner
  • a unique experience with each use.

Enjoy the freedom of movement! Thanks to our custom-designed ultra-comfortable harness, ClitoShare & RealShare stays in place, even during your wildest acrobatics!

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Let's share, we decided to change the rules of the game!

Today, pleasure is only one-way : strap-ons do not take into account the sensations of the wearer. Poorly adapted harness, no stimulation of the clitoris or the dicklit... It is therefore difficult to be fully connected to their partner using existing sex toys.

Premium Patented Innovation
2x more fun
🇨🇭 Swiss innovation
ShareFit tips: Adjust stimulator size and position
Authentic Connection

Reconnects at all levels:

  • Sexual : authentic physical pleasure and heightened excitement
  • Emotional : total harmony with your partner
  • Sensorial : in tune with your body and desires
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Are Let’s Share products made for me?

Everyone should be able to explore and live their sexual identity to the full. Being fulfilled in intimacy is not just a matter of physical pleasure: it's a genuine quality of life! The Let's Share strap-ons offer a high-quality and inclusive solution so that pleasure is accessible to everyone!

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We strive to provide you with a personalized and inclusive experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We invite you to share your desires and preferences with us.

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