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Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!

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    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!
    Pre-order now the Pack RealShare: Exclusive special offers!

    Contents of the RealShare Pack :

    • RealShare: the first strap-on with suction stimulation harmonized according to the intensity of your movements.
    • ShareFit tips in different sizes to adapt the stimulator to your morphology.
    • Ultra-comfort harness designed specifically to ensure a perfect fit for your RealShare.
    • Access to our private Discord group moderated by Salin Léon to benefit from early access to project information and to actively contribute to development decisions!
    • Free shipping.

    Preorder Special Offer :

    • First 100 : -30% = 230.30 CHF (already discounted)
    • Next 100 : -25% = 246.75 CHF
    • From 200 : -20% = 263.20 CHF

    If you were already registered on the waiting list, you benefit from an additional -5% using the promotional code received by email.

    Note: Those on the waiting list who do not pre-order will still receive the -15% discount earned during their registration.


    • Immerse yourself in a unique sensory experience with the suction/massage clitoral stimulator.
    • Intuitively adapts its intensity to the complicit movements of all partners.
    • Let yourself be carried away by an authentic connection with your significant other, offering a unique experience with each use


    • Our (D)-clitoral stimulator offers you a choice of tip size to adapt perfectly to your morphology.
    • The tip of the (D)-clitoral stimulator is adjustable in height, allowing you to adjust it perfectly to your anatomy.

    No matter your body type or your preferred position, you can be sure to find the ideal configuration for tailor-made pleasures


    • Carefully crafted from high quality materials, providing a realistic and enjoyable experience with every use. You will be transported to a world of pleasure where the line between reality and fantasy blurs.


    • Our custom-made harness is specially designed to ensure a perfect hold of your RealShare, even during your most dynamic moments.
    • Easy to put on and incredibly comfortable, you'll even forget you're wearing it.


    • 16.5 cm / 6.5 inches.
    • 14 Cm / 5,5 inches.

    Why pre-order now?

    By reserving your product now, you support the development of a Queer project while ensuring your spot among the first to receive our product once it's ready.

    Upcoming customization options:

    • Colors: Choose from a range of skin tones or fancy colors to match your style.
    • RealFit tip size: Adjust the size for a comfortable and optimal experience.
    • Product dimensions: Select the size from the various product dimensions offered.
    • Harness Size: Adjust the size for a customized experience.

    We will contact you to discuss your preferences before shipping the product.

    *Please note that slight color differences from the photos may occur once the product is received, due to screen rendering variations.

    Estimated release date in October 2024:

    We currently plan to launch our product in October. Please note that this date is an estimate and may be subject to adjustments based on various production and development factors.

    Commitment to our supporters:

    We want to inform you that the release date of our product has been postponed several times due to challenges related to funding and support. However, we are committed to fulfilling our commitment to our supporters and bringing our product to market as soon as possible.

    Your support matters:

    By pre-ordering our product, you help us overcome these obstacles and accelerate the development process. We thank you for your patience and continued support as we work to make our vision a reality.

    Stay informed:

    We will keep you informed of any changes or updates regarding the release date of our product. Be sure to follow our social media channels and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and announcements.

    ⚠️Do you have any suggestions? Please share them with us in the questionnaires below. Thank you!

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    RealShare, the epitome of shared pleasure